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partneri festivalu

The wine festival

The wine festival in Kurt introduces the visitor to traditional trade and local customs. Our guests can get an insight into the unique profession of winemakers and can taste the fruits of their labour.

The wine wanderer can taste wines made with love and expertise by 50 craftsmen from 5 countries, and compare the bouquet and taste from these different wine regions.

And what if that’s not enough? Embrace the furnace!

This is where they bake everything that you could wish for and makes your mouth water– fish, pies and game or the specialties of the culinary show of sister villages. Your other senses will be stimulated by further events :buskers, noted performers, folk groups, cosy Gypsy music, a fair, a playground for the kiddies...

Come and join us for a weekend of culinary adventure amongst the wine cellars in Kurt and experience the wonderful atmosphere of the festival.